Kordon for Kids™ Sludge Remover

INSTANT SLUDGE REMOVER... sludge can now be controlled easily by simply dropping in a single tablet.

The specialized formula  acts to control both the sludge that collects  in the gravel or sand substrate as well as  odors.

• Contains beneficial bacteria that destroy sludge
• Works deep into the gravel layer
• Controls odors caused by sludge in both gravel and in filters
• Nothing to spill!
• Easy for kids to use!
• Controls debris & improves water quality!
• Made in USA

Makes fish’s gravel sludge free... just drop in 1 tablet per 10 gallons!


1) Find out how much water to treat:

Fill your bowl or aquarium using measuring cups or something that already has measurements or amounts marked on it. 128 ounces = 1 gallon.

2) Drop in the tablet:

Add 1 tablet for each 10 gallons of water (2 tabs for 15 or 20 gallons, etc.) every 30 days. For aquatic habitats with heavy waste build-up, use one tablet per 10 gallons once a week for the first month.

3) Watch the tablet dissolve:

Starts fizzing immediately - making your fish’s water safe and sludge free. For heavy sludge build-up, partial water change may be necessary to avoid ammonia build-up during the initial dose.

 You can add tablets between water changes. Just drop a tablet into the aquarium to control any sludge that has built up since your last water change. Regular use improves water quality.

 WATER CHANGES: We advise at least a 20% water change every two weeks - weekly for goldfish. Use green  Kordon for Kids  1-gallon tablets (Item No. 30401) to treat water used for water changes.

 KORDON for  KIDS™ SLUDGE REMOVER TABLETS contain a select blend of active enzymes that break down and control sludge. Sludge is a combination of fish waste, decaying plants and uneaten food.  Sludge causes poor water conditions, odors, clogged bio-filters, reduced oxygen and unsightly tanks. 


Item NO. 30425 KORDON for KIDS™  SLUDGE REMOVER -  6 tablets - treats 10 gallons per tablet