Pond Prep™

Pond Water Conditioner

  • For new pond start-up and conditioning
  • Use for water changes in new ponds
  • Buffers pH, stabilizes alkalinity
  • Replaces fishes' lost slime coat
  • Aids in the establishment of biological filtration
  • Reduces fishes' shock and stress
  • Detoxifies ammonia, chloramines & chlorine
  • Adds essential elements for fishes and aquatic life
  • Made in U.S.A.

KORDON'S Pond·Prep™ is a dry powder that should be added when setting up a new pond, when restarting a completely cleaned pond, or when adding water to a new pond. Pond·Prep sets up the pond completely, making it ready for proper nitrification to begin and preparing the water for the fishes. For the initial start up, no additional chemicals are needed, Pond·Prep will remove all chlorine, chloramines, ammonia from new water and it helps detoxifies copper and other heavy metals often found in tap water. Pond·Prep will add needed electrolytes and skin slime replenishers to prevent or minimize stress on the newly added fishes.

Pond·Prep reduces the toxicity of nitrite and provides trace elements needed to establish and maintain biological filtration. Pond·Prep supplies the electrolytes and minerals needed by fishes in new pond water. It adds buffering components to help boost and maintain the necessary acid-neutralizing capacity (alkalinity) of the water.

Item No. 31036 POND PREP™ 9.5 oz
Item No. 31038 POND PREP™ Starter Kit 3.1 oz
Item No. 31041 POND PREP™ 2.75 lb. (1.25 kg)

Directions for Use

To properly condition water in either a new pond or a freshly cleaned pond, add the appropriate amount to about 1 gallon of water. Stir to form a slurry and distribute the slurry throughout the pond. Rinse the container to ensure all of the Pond·Prep powder is added to the pond water. For smaller volumes of water (e.g. indoor ponds) add Pond·Prep at the rate of 1 level teaspoonful for each 20 gallons of pond water.

When used as directed, a single dose of Pond·Prep will remove 1 mg/l of ammonia, up to12.6 mg/l of chloramines, and 3.75 mg/l of total chlorine. Pond·Prep will detoxify up to 1.0 mg/l copper and reduce or eliminate the toxicity of other heavy metals. Pond·Prep's polymers help minimize stress and infection in fishes.

Pond·Prep does not interfere with fishes' breathing nor does it reduce dissolved oxygen levels. Pond·Prep does not contain any live bacteria or bacterial spores; it does not contain any phosphates, copper, formaldehyde, plant sap, drugs nor dyes. Pond·Prep will interfere with the proper readings of Nessler-type ammonia test kits; for ammonia testing use a salicylate-type test kit such as Kordon's AquaTru® Ammonia (Salicylate) Test Kit.

For subsequent water changes and water additions use Pond NovAqua+ Plus® and Pond AmQuel+ Plus ®. Use Pond NovAqua+ when introducing new fishes to your pond. If fishes suffer extensive bruises or damaged skin and scales after handling, use Kordon's Pond Fish Protector as a healing aid.

Pond Prep does not reduce dissolved oxygen levels. Pond Prep does not contain any phosphates, copper or other heavy metals, drugs, or dyes. 

Pond Prep will interfere with the proper readings of Nessler type ammonia test kits.  For ammonia testing use a salycilate type test kit, such as Kordon's Aqua-Tru Ammonia (Salycilate) Test Kit.


 Pond Prep includes a combination of the ingredients in Kordon's AmQuel and NovAqua in a dry form.  See their descriptions for further information on their ingredients.