Eco Aqua™

Powerful aquatic water conditioner that provides a permanent solution to bio-filter maintenance.

ECO-AQUA™ manages the ecology of freshwater aquariums!
  •  Removes harmful ammonia, chlorine, chloramines
  •  Extends useful life of filter materials
  •  Breaks down organic debris in gravel and filters
  •  Aids in natural biological filtration of aquariums
  •  Improves water quality by controlling organic waste
  •  Increases time between water changes

ECO•AQUA is a powerful aquatic water conditioner that provides a permanent solution to bio-filter maintenance.

  •  Contains naturally occurring beneficial bacteria
  •  Helps to build a healthy bio-filter
  •  Controls aquarium water odors, purifies aquarium water continually

ECO•AQUA quickly & effectively lowers or eliminates the current ammonia threat while beneficial bacteria immediately begin working to clean the bio-filter, plants and gravel of unwanted substances that pose a real danger to the aquatic environment. Regular promotes the efficiency of nitrifying bacteria while dramatically improving As bio-filters age, they become less efficient due to the buildup of organic essentially starve the filters of necessary oxygen. By adding ECO•AQUA essentially dose their aquatic habitat with a proven technology of Kordon’s addition of organic  consuming beneficial microbes.

Literally billions of beneficial microbes are released by adding ECO•AQUA non-living organic material such as fish waste or dead plant material into as heat or carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is quickly vented into room

Using ECO•AQUA once or twice a month insures that:
  •  organic waste buildup in the bio-filter is held to a minimum
  •  beneficial nitrifying bacteria will thrive in a clean bio-filter environment
  •  the overall ecology of your aquarium is thriving at its maximum potential

Item No. 36144 ECO-AQUA™ - 4 fl.oz. (118mL) bottle - treats 240 gallons
Item No. 36156 ECO-AQUA™ - 16 fl.oz. (473mL) bottle - treats 960 gallons