Rid Metals™


  • Instantly detoxifies Lead, Copper & Zinc  
  • Works in both fresh and saltwater tanks
  • Is safe with invertebrates
  • Works well with Amquel Plus
  • Made in USA

Rid-Metals - an all new way to control heavy metals present in the public water supply. Using Rid-Metals in aquariums or ponds greatly reduces the need to worry about the toxic effects of heavy metals that are introduced into tap water from aging pipes or contaminated water sources.
Rid-Metals can be termed a heavy metal eradicator - water conditioner that instantly detoxifies elements such as lead, copper, zinc, and other heavy metals from freshwater and saltwater. When the amino acid found in Rid-Metals bonds with metal ions, a complex is formed that effectively binds the heavy metals - insuring that they cannot react with any other ions in the aquarium or pond. Easy to dispense, Rid-Metals removes up to 10-times more heavy metals than other similar products. Good mechanical filtration combined with regular water changes with gravel vacuum-type cleaning removes these inactive heavy metal compounds.

Item No. 39944 - Rid Metals™ - 4 ounce - treats 240 gallons of water

Item No. 39956 - Rid Metals™ - 16 ounce - treats 960 gallons of water  

Purposes & Benefits



THE IMPORTANCE OF REMOVING HEAVY METALS : RID-METALS™ detoxifies heavy metals that can be toxic to many aquatic organisms. Toxic metal ions in water can come from various   sources, including home and commercial plumbing, medications, decorations and metal objects placed in the aquarium or pond, etc. It is essential to detoxify the heavy metals (such as zinc, iron, lead, copper, etc.) in the water supply for the fish to survive. The   detoxifying capability of RID-METALS precipitates the metal ions into harmless compounds, rather than chelating them. RID-METALS forms a unique insoluble, polymeric salt with heavy metals that is stable under conditions of both high and low pH. This is a notable advantage over other products that rely strictly upon the chelation   process. Such chelates are unstable, pH dependent, and can exchange   their "bound" metal ion for another, releasing toxic ions into the   water.

While tap water is acceptable to us and to pet animals (such as mammals - dogs cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. - and birds) as well as to farm animals, tap water varying in extent from source to source is toxic to fishes and other aquatic life.  This is particularly true for the heavy metals that it contains from the metal   and plastic pipes that it goes through before it reaches you.  One of the important functions of Fish Protector is to  eliminate - or at least greatly reduce - heavy metals in the water.

One of the   most toxic of heavy metals to fishes is copper, a common ingredient in tap water. RID-METALS is capable of precipitating up to 1.17 ppm   free copper ions (Cu++) from solution. When copper is present in the   tap water or when copper medications are used, the copper ions can   combine with glass, plastic, rock, gravel, and other objects and remain  indefinitely in this state.  Variations in pH (acidity/alkalinity) may   cause the copper to come back into solution and be toxic to fishes and invertebrates. RID-METALS permanently detoxifies copper and can be used to eliminate copper ion medications after their use as a treatment is completed.