Pet-n-Bird™ Feed Dish

For Birds and Small Animals

  • Mounting bracket stays on the cage
  • Premium Quality - holds 9 ounces
  • Angled design deflects seed or feed back into cage
  • Chew resistant rounded edge helps prevent gnawing damage
  • Dish washer safe

The PET-N-BIRD™ Feed Cup is suitable for birds, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, ferrets and similar pets. Designed with both the needs of the pets and the convenience of the owners in mind, the PET-N-BIRD Feed Cup is feature packed. The mounting bracket is firmly secured to the cage with metal screws that can stand up to large parrots or active dogs in travel crates. The bracket stays on the cage or travel crate door, with the cup itself sliding into the bracket and being secured with a Sure-Lock™ security lock-screw. Just loosen the Sure-Lock screw and slip the cup out for refilling or cleaning.

All portions of the PET-N-BIRD Feed Cup are top-rack dishwasher safe. The bowl is designed with chew resistant rounded edges and measures a little over 5 inches long, 3 inches wide and 2 inches deep at the front. The approximate volume of 9 ounces is sufficient for most pets and birds without being wasteful. The PET-N-BIRD Feed Cup has a raised back to deflect seed and feed particles back into the cage, keeping the floor or counter area around the cage noticeably cleaner. The overall design also discourages pets from sitting in the cup and soiling food.

Item No. 80900 - Pet-N-Bird™ Feed Dish - 9 ounce capacity

Directions for Use

The PET-N-BIRD Feed Cup is easy to mount and easy to remove to refill or clean. After selecting the desired position, attach the mounting bracket to the cage inserting the 4 bolts with wing-nuts (illustrated instructions are on the packaging card.) The use of 4 bolts and wing nuts give this feed cup superior stability and secure fit. The cup simply slips into the bracket and is secured by tightening the Sure-Lock set-screw.

1) (this illustration is viewed from inside the cage) - After selecting the desired position, attach the mounting bracket to the cage by placing the slotted half inside the cage and the smooth half on the outside. Align the two pieces and push the four carriage bolts though the slots from the inside of the cage. Attach the wing nuts on the outside and tighten. Add the thumbscrew by screwing it into the threaded hole in the middle of the smooth bracket half.

2) (this illustration is viewed from outside the cage) - To mount the bowl, slide the tabs on the rear of the bowl down into the slots on the mounting bracket and secure by tightening the center plastic knobbed thumbscrew. The thumb screw need only be finger tight - no need to over tighten with pliers. The cup fits closer to the cage sides than other designs, permitting less room and opportunity for pets to become trapped or stuck between the cup and the cage bars. This closer fit also decreases the area exposed to chewing by gnawing pets and large hook bill birds.


All bolts, nuts or threaded surfaces on the OASIS PET-N-BIRD FEED CUP are metal and/or metal inserts... no plastic threads to bind or break over years of use.