Bell Habitat™ Bottle

Colorful Water Bottles that fir plastic habitats and molded plastic pet carriers

Colorful rigid water bottles to accent your plastic pet habitats.


Choose a color to mix or match withyour pet’s home!


   Straight drinking tube inserts into most habitats

   Double-Ball vacuum valve helps control leaks

   Great for transport carriers

   Suitable for lab-box caging

   Rubber "O" Ring suspends bottle at correct height


OASIS HABITAT BELL BOTTLES are designed to fit plastic molded habitat cages. This bottle also is the perfect fit for the square clear plastic pet carriers - simply insert it through the pre-formed round opening in the lid. Ideal for use with standard "lab box" type cages with the wire grid tops... simply lay the bottle on the wire grid lid, allowing the drinking tube to slide down into the cage.

The straight drinking tube allows this bottle tone suspended overhead - preventing contact with fluffed and moved bedding which can cause drips.  Suitable for cages housing more than one small pet… such as groups of mice or breeding pairs. 

Rubber "O" ring: Now any OASIS HABITAT BELL BOTTLE can be suspended in the molded habitat receptacle or the pop-out circle in the plastic grid top on clear carrier boxes. As the ring slides up and down the bottle, the height of the bottle's drinking tip is raised or lowered in relation to the floor and/or inhabitants. Proper positioning of the drinking tube is now possible for even the smallest specimens.


Item No, 80410 HABITAT WATER BELL BOTTLE™ - 8 ounce capacity

Directions for Use


Using the OASIS HABITAT Bottle Retainer Ring is as easy as
 1-2-3! New versatility in adjustment allows proper watering heights for
 tiny pets such as Mice and Russian Hamsters as well as Rats and
 larger Reptiles in the same size plastic environment.

 1. Slip the ring over the bottle.
 2. Mount bottle into circular opening provided on cage, drinking tip down.
 3. Slide ring up or down to adjust the distance between the drinking tube's
 ball-point tip and the bedding covering the cage floor.