EZ4U™ Sludge Remover Tablets


• Ideal for desk top aquariums

• Premeasured doses - nothing to spill

• Environmentally safe

• Use in fresh, brackish or saltwater

EZ4U™ SLUDGE REMOVER TABLETS were developed to make sludge control error-free for beginners as well as for experienced aquarium keepers who need to treat smaller amounts of water for an aquarium water habitat.  Particularly helpful in "deep cleaning" gravel substrates. 

 EZ4U SLUDGE REMOVER TABLETS contain a select blend of active hydrolytic enzymes and eight specially selected strains of naturally occurring, environmentally friendly living beneficial bacteria that break down and control sludge, making aquatic habitat maintenance much easier.  The bacteria are facultative anaerobic Bacillus heterotrophs that are 100% nontoxic, non-pathogenic, and feed on decomposing organic matter (sludge).  They work in both the presence and absence of oxygen, their main requirement being the presence of organic carbon as found in sludge.  EZ4U sludge remover enzymes and bacteria biologically control scum and cloudy water caused by excess food in the water. 


Aquarium sludge is a combination of fish waste, decaying plants and uneaten food.  Sludge consists of proteins, fats, starches and cellulose that cannot be utilized by nitrifying bacteria.  Sludge causes poor water conditions, clogged filters, reduced oxygen, unsightly tanks and unwanted odors.  The older the aquarium, the more waste will be present that needs to be controlled.  Regular use of EZ4U SLUDGE REMOVER TABLETS will remove the natural sludge that accumulates in aquariums, greatly improving water quality and helping to prevent odors.  

Item No. EZ4U™ SLUDGE REMOVER Tabs - 6 tabs - treats 10 gallons per tablet