Goldfish Tabs™


 Convenient, easy to use fizz tablet
  • Each card contains 4 tablets
  • Premeasured - nothing to spill
  • Each tablet treats 1 gallon of water
  • Detoxifies ammonia
  • Detoxifies chloramines
  • Detoxifies chlorine
  • Controls sludge and odors
  • Maintain good water quality for up to weeks

Goldfish Tabs are a simple to use water treatment for people who keep goldfish in bowls or small aquariums (up to 2 gallon capacity).
Easy to use - each tablet contains everything needed to properly condition tap water for your goldfish. 
  • Removes Copper
  • Buffers the pH to 7.0
  • Adds Electrolytes
  • Non-Toxic to Humans and Pets


 Item No. 39116  GOLDFISH TABS - 4 tablets per card - treats 1 gallon per tablet

Directions for Use

For Proper Maintenance:
Your goldfishes' water should be changed at least once a week. Add 1/2 tablet for up to 64 ounces (1/2 gallon) of water before adding the fish. For bowls from 1 to 2 gallons, use 1 tablet. GoldFish Tabs are non-toxic and the exact dosages are not critical. The effervescent tablet will begin dissolving immediately. Wait at least 5 minutes before adding fish. The tablet does not have to be completely dissolved to begin protecting the fish from harmful chemicals and stabilizing conditions for better fish health. GoldFish Tabs also control organics, reducing toxic buildup and odors. We recommend preparing water ahead of time and storing it near your fish bowl. This insures that the water is the same temperature and allows the new water to acclimate. If you are unable to make the weekly water change, add 1 Goldfish Tab to help stabilize the water, followed the next week with the normal water change.