• Non staining

• For Fresh and Saltwater

• Aids in general external parasite prevention

• Safe & Efficient when used as directed

• Just 1 teaspoon per 4 gallons of water


Effective treatment for Ich, velvet, anchor works, flukes and other external parasites.


DIRECTIONS: As a treatment for Ich, Velvet and to aid in general external parasite disease prevention, add 1 teaspoon (5 mL) per 4 gallons of water.

NOTE: Remove all invertebrates without an exoskeleton (anemones, jellyfish etc.) from aquarium prior to treatment. Copper-AID™ may be harmful to plants and some snails. DO NOT OVERDOSE.


No water changes, temperature or pH level adjustments are required prior to treatment. Maintain all normal filtration and air flow. Replace carbon after completion of the treatment. During water changes, treat replacement water with Copper-AID.  For ornamental pond and aquarium fish use only. Not for human, medical or food fish use.


ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Chelated Copper Sulfate


Ich: small white spots commonly cover entire body, fish may have itching that causes it to scratch and rub against tank bottom.


Velvet: tiny yellowish- white spots ; fish may lose body color and rub or scratch against tank bottom or decor.


Parasites: visible spots, extra surface mucus or visible worms, rapid breathing and flashing (rubbing and scratching on tank bottom.)


Item No. 37142 Copper-AID™ - 2 ounce – treats 50 gallons of water

Item No. 37144 Copper-AID™ - 4 ounce – treats 100 gallons of water

Item No. 37156 Copper-AID™ - 16 ounce – treats 400 gallons of water

Item No. 37161 Copper-AID™ - 1 gallon – treats 3200 gallons of water