Goldfish Tabs™


  • Nothing to spill - safe and easy dry tablets
  • Controls ammonia and chlorine
  • Easy for kids to use - nothing to measure
  • Easy to identify color-coded packages

Makes tap water safe for all goldfish... just drop in a single tablet!

As easy as 1-2-3!

1) Find out how much water to treat: Fill Goldfish bowl or aquarium using measuring cups or clean soda bottle - something that already has measurements and amounts marked on it. 64 ounces = 1/2-gallon.
2) Drop in the tablet: Use a clean container to prepare fresh water for the Goldfish ahead of time. Add 1/2 tablet for each 32 oz  (quart) of water before adding the Goldfish.
3) Watch the tablet dissolve: Starts fizzing immediately - making your fish’s water safe. When tablet has fully dissolved, it is time to fill
your fish bowl. We advise at least a 20% water change weekly for Goldfish.

You can prepare new water ahead of time in a clean soda bottle by adding in 1 tablet for each 1/2-gallon or less.

Each tablet removes: elements in tap water that can harm your fish including ammonia, chlorine, chloramines, toxic organic waste products and trace heavy metals. Each tablet adds: the benefits your fish needs for good health including body slime replacement & electrolytes.

Item No. Kordon for Kids Goldfish Tabs - each fizz-tab treats 64 ounces of water