Bell Bottle w/Hold-Guard 4 oz.

Water Bottles

  • Suitable for mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters and hedgehogs
  • Rounded bottle top discourages chewing
  • Protects water bottle from chewing damage
  • Adjustable strap hangs over top edges of most wire cages and aquariums

This Oasis Value Set consists of a genuine Oasis rigid plastic Bell Bottle (4 ounce size) and the Oasis Basic Hold-Guard® designed specifically to fit this bottle accurately and safely.

The Oasis Bell bottle is a very popular favorite. The rigid bottle construction retains water well (the bottle is made of breakage resistant crystal styrene.) The combination of the Bell Bottle’s plastic bottle and cap with the powder-coating of the guard allows for color-coordinated cages and accessories. 

The drinking tube size on this 4 ounce Bell bottle is correct for hamsters, gerbils, mice, fancy rats, sugar gliders and pygmy hedgehogs. This items also suitable for use with very young baby guinea pigs and small breed baby bunnies. May be used with many reptiles and amphibians.

The BASIC HOLD-GUARD is formed of metal that has been powder coated for both beauty and durability. The hanger mounts using an adjustable metal hanging-strap riveted to the guard's back side. May be mounted along the top edge of glass or acrylic aquarium-type habitats, or in wire cages by passing the hanging strap through the upper level horizontal wire bars.

Item No. 80304 - 4 ounce BASIC HOLD-GUARD® with matching 4 ounce BELL BOTTLE


Benefits & Purposes

By selecting the Value Set combination product you can be sure the bottle and guard fit perfectly and offer both the best in bottle protection and the highest level of safety for your pet. Using miss-matched bottles and guards can leave gaps between the bottle and the guard that can trap a small animal's legs or toes causing injury. While other bottles can be used with Oasis Basic Hold-Guards, we only recommend and specify Oasis.

The Basic Hold-Guard included in this Value Set can be mounted either by hanging (using the adjustable metal hanging strap) or by securing it to a solid wooden wall or cage side with a screw (using the eyelet that attaches the mounting strap.) Either method gives versatility and a secure mount.

The Basic Hold-Guard protects the water bottle and cap from chewing, biting and gnawing damage. The sturdy metal construction is coated with long-lasting powder coating to both smooth the edges as well offer an attractive cage accessory solution.

Directions for Use

HANGING MOUNT: The Hanger-Guard’s adjustable metal hanging strap swings up into place ...hangs from top edge. The easy to adjust hanger strap fits many sizes of aquarium-type pet environments. Simply bend the strap to fit over the top edge of the aquarium. If the bottle needs to be lowered, re-bend the strap a bit closer to its end. If the bottle needs to be higher, re-bend the strap closer to its attachment to the Hold-Guard. The hanging strap may also be passed through cage wires of metal rabbit or guinea pig cages, or through vent-openings in plastic travel carriers.

SOLID WOOD WALL MOUNT: Leave strap in original folded position when attaching to a solid wall with screw or bolt. Using a wood screw that passes through the eyelet that attaches the metal hanging strap, simply attach the guard to the wooden wall or cage side so that the drinking tube of the mounted bottle is positioned at shoulder height to the pet. This option works well in solid sided rabbit hutches and similar cages or reptile habitats.