Tera-Tie Down

Habitat Accessories

The Tera Tie Down is intended for use on glass terrariums that are using conventional, rigid screen tops. As supplied, the Tera TieDown comes with a frame clip permanently attached to one end of the belt. The opposite end has a piece of "hook-and loop" fastener attached to it. In use, the attached clip is placed under the top frame of the terrarium, the belt is passed over the top of the terrarium and the cover, passed through the second frame clip and passed back over the top. The second clip is placed under the terrarium frame at a point opposite the first clip, the belt is pulled tight and fastened by pressing the end of the belt to itself. The Tie Down is easily removed by lifting up on the strap, separating it and then removing the clips.

There are two sizes available
#82310     fits terrariums from 8 to 12 inches wide
#82320     fits terrariums form 12 to 18 inches wide.