Fish Catcher™

A unique way to capture smaller fishes

The solid plastic Fish Catcher offers a unique way to capture smaller fishes without damage or snagging their fins in a net.
You will find it especially useful for catfishes, loaches, and other spiny rays.

The Fish Catcher is made of non-toxic blow molded plastic similar to many plastic bottles. Fish Catchers are molded clear with either a slight green or blue cast. The transparent plastic hides in the water much better than most dip nets. All edges are finished smooth to protect the fish. The overall length is approximately 16.5 inches and has a bowl diameter of 4 inches. The Fish Catcher is designed with round smooth sides so that the fish will not be snagged or scraped as they would be when using a typical net. 

The unique shape allows easy capture and removal while holding the fish in the lightweight Fish Catcher's bowl of water. Practice will help in learning this proven method of fish catching that was first done centuries ago in Europe using catchers made of blown glass. With a little experience, fish can be caught quickly and harmlessly.

This  unusual "catching-tool" will also come in handy when handling delicate  small reptiles and amphibians such as newly hatched specimens and tadpoles, as well as various venomous insects.

While the Kordon Fish Catcher can be used alone, a rod, dip net or a paddle (like a plastic fly swatter) can be used to herd the fish into the Catcher. With some fish this greatly simplifies the catching operation... allowing fish to be less agitated. Approach fishes slowly and gently guide them into the bowl of the Fish Catcher. Once there, raise the fish in the bowl to the surface of the water and transfer them to a holding container that has water from the same source as the fish. Because the fish are never removed from water, trauma is reduced.

Item No. 64215 FISH CATCHER™ - one size