pH Increase and pH Decrease


  • Rapidly alters pH levels
  • Works in both fresh and saltwater tanks
  • Works well with Kordon's pH Stabilizers
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Allows you to adjust aquarium water to duplicate the natural water where fish evolved.

Want a quick and easy way to get the pH level that will allow your fish to thrive?

Now there’s a solution...

Using Kordon pH Increase to bring the pH up to a desired level, or Kordon pH Decrease to lower pH helps aquarists manage their aquarium's pH levels quickly and accurately.

pH INCREASE (adjuster): Raises the pH to the desired number in  fresh or salt water, making it more alkaline.

pH DECREASE (adjuster): Lowers the pH to the desired number in  fresh orsalt water, making it more acidic.

Note: pH factors in aquariums and ponds can fluctuate. Fish and other inhabitants of a single aquarium should share the same pH requirements. To be certain that these requirements are met and maintained, check your pH levels frequently with an accurate pH test kit. You will want to understand the specific pH requirements of the fish yo want to keep.  Some fish and other aquarium inhabitants are hardier, while others can quite sensitive to the water in which they live.

For best results it is recommended that Kordon pH7.0, pH 7.5 or pH 8.2 Stabilizer products be used following treatment with either pH Increase or pH Decrease for complete pH water control. The 16 ounce size is also suitable for use in ponds.

Item No. 35314  pH INCREASE - 4 fl.oz. (118mL) - treats up to 700 gallons

Item No. 35316  pH INCREASE - 16 fl.oz. (473mL) - treats up to 2,800 gallons

Item No. 35324  pH DECREASE - 4 fl.oz. (118mL) - treats up to 700 gallons

Item No. 35326  pH DECREASE - 16 fl.oz. (473mL) - treats up to 700 gallons