Saltwater Clarifier

  • Clear water is quick and easy
  • Helps Activate Mechanical Filters
  • Precipitates Suspended Articles
  • Assists in Priming Biological Filter Beds
  • Made in U.S.A.

SEA CLEAR™ is an effective water conditioner for marine and brackish water aquariums and ponds to reduce turbidity. SEA•CLEAR is composed of a synthetic inorganic colloid compound which combines with suspended particles in the water.

When added to brackish water or saltwater, SEA•CLEAR immediately forms a precipitate (a floc) which traps suspended particles. When used in conjunction with a mechanical filter, the aquarium or pond water is left free of excessive suspended particulate matter. SEA•CLEAR also acts as a filter bed conditioner by laying down colloidal materials which are physically similar to those produced by nitrifying bacteria and prevents cloudiness in a new or disturbed undergravel filter beds. The absorbent properties of this colloid also remove dissolved organics, which often appear as the yellowish color of water in established aquaria.

Filter-feeding invertebrates such as clams, corals, feather worms, barnacles, etc., may close during treatment to prevent clogging of their filter apparatus. This is a temporary condition and will not harm the health of the animals.

Item No. 32344 SEA-CLEAR™ - 4 fl.oz. (118mL) - treats 480 gallons

Compatabilities & Contraindications

Sea Clear is compatible with all of Kordon's water conditioners and medications including NovAqua, AmQuel and Fish Protector. Sea Clear is stable indefinitely in solution. Contains a nontoxic alkaline hydrated colloid compound.

Sea Clear is not a medication or chemotherapeutic agent, and is not indicated for the treatment of any specific disease. It is intended for use as a water conditioner in marine and brackish water aquaria. Sea Clear will not function properly in fresh water; such use will result in a rapid rise in pH (increased alkalinity).

Directions for Use

For water clarification and filter aid: 
(a) Add 1 teaspoon per 10 to 20 gallons of water. Do not disturb normal filtration. 
(b) Briefly stir or agitate the water vigorously so as to distribute Sea Clear throughout the aquarium or pond. Note: to increase the effectiveness of this product, dissolve the correct dosage in approximately 4 to 8 ounces of fresh water before addition to the aquarium or pond water. 
(c) Use once each 24 hours until water is clear of suspended particles. 
(d) When used at the recommended concentration, Sea-Clear will treat up to 480 gallons of water.

No special cautions are required when handling this product. An overdosage may cloud the water due to an excess of colloid, but this is harmless to aquatic animals. Overdosage in excess of ten times the recommended amount will cause a rapid rise in the system's pH, and may cause death to some of the animals.

Mode of Action

Sea Clear contains a flocculating agent which acts immediately when added to seawater. The colloid rapidly reacts with metal ions (i.e., CA+ 2 , Mg+ 2 , Cu+ 2 ) producing a hydrated solution, which quickly becomes a floc, and then a precipitate. The floc traps and binds together suspended particles, living and nonliving, organic and inorganic, and takes them into the filter bed. Once the colloid becomes part of the gravel matrix, it acts to absorb additional suspended particles and dissolved organics. The colloid layer acts as a conditioner for the filter bed and aids in the growth of filter bacteria. The colloid mass also serves as a "capacity absorbent" removing some of the yellow color from the water, similar to the way liquid-phase activated carbon functions