Smart Start Conditioning Kits™


• Convenient kit containing matching volumes of AmQuel and NovAqua
• A true one-step liquid water conditioner
• Simple to Use
• Detoxifies the Nitrogen Cycle
• Removes Heavy Metals harmful to fish
• Made in U.S.A.

1-ounce Kit - one 1-ounce bottle of Amquel Plus and one 1-ounce bottle of NovAqua Plus
4-ounce Kit - one 4-ounce bottle of Amquel Plus and one 4-ounce bottle of NovAqua Plus

KORDON'S Aquarium Water Conditioning Kits have been updated and now contain bottles of both AmQuel Plus and NovAqua Plus water conditioners. Suitable for treating fresh or salt water, these kits are a convenient way to insure having a supply of both AmQuel Plus and NovAqua Plus on hand for smaller aquariums, water changes, or for transporting fishes. AmQuel Plus and NovAqua Plus have been designed as "team products” that work together to provide the best in water quality.

The AmQuel Plus and NovAqua Plus products that are included in these Aquarium Water Conditioning Kits will condition water (either tap water or bottled drinking water) to make it suitable for fishes and invertebrates.AmQuel Plus and NovAqua Plus will also improve the conditions in existing aquariums. Many fishes are tolerant of a wide range of water conditions, but all fishes need good, clean, non-toxic water. 

Item No. 31311 Smart Start Conditioning Kit 1-ounce, treats up to 60 gallons

Item No. 31314 Smart Start Conditioning Kit 4-ounce, treats up to 240 gallons

Directions for Use

Recommended equipment for setting up a freshwater environment includes the aquarium (buy as large a container as is practical for your situation -larger aquariums are more environmentally stable), a strong aerator to put oxygen in the water, a filter system of the right size for your aquarium, an inert gravel with a granular size of 1/8" to 3/16" and a heater (if you have chosen to keep tropical fishes). Begin by carefully rinsing your aquarium, filters and other underwater equipment, as well as any decorations and aquarium gravel that you plan to use. Rinse carefully using tap water; do not use soap.  

Prepare the water by filling the aquarium with tap water or bottled drinking water. If you are setting up a saltwater aquarium, add the salt mix according to the manufacturer's instructions. For both fresh and salt water de-chlorinate and condition the water by treating it with AmQuel Plus and NovAqua Plus according to the instructions on the bottles. The bottles provided with this kit contain enough water conditioner to treat up to 240 gallons (908 liters) of water; both conditioners are nontoxic.

Approximately 10 to 20 percent of the aquarium water should be changed weekly. Make up the fresh water change prior to its use and add theAmQuel Plus and NovAqua Plus. If you are keeping tropical fish add a small amount of heated water to ensure that the water in the aquarium and the new water are the same temperature before you add the new water. Use a thermometer to determine the proper temperature. Aquariums for tropical fishes should be between 72°-78° F (22°-25.5°C). Cold water aquariums, such as for goldfish, ideally should be 50°-65° F (10°-18.5°C). Many fishes are tolerant of a wide range of water conditions, but they all need good non-toxic water. This is provided by adding the Kordon water conditioners to the water you use.

IMPORTANT to be safe and avoid introducing diseases to fish already present in an aquarium, quarantine new fish arrivals in a separate aquarium for one month before adding them with the others. Use Kordon’s herbal Prevent Ich® or Ich Attack® during this time.

Purposes & Benefits


NovAqua Plus and AmQuel Plus in this Kit conditions water (such as from the tap or bottled drinking water) to make them suitable for aquatic life. Together these conditioners perform many essential functions for keeping fishes and invertebrates alive and healthy in fresh and saltwater aquaria. Both Kordon conditioners detoxify/remove chlorines, ammonia and chloramines, such as added by public utilities to tap water.  

•AmQuel Plus removes and detoxifies ammonia, chlorine, chloramines, and toxic pheromones. AmQuel Plus detoxifies all noxious nitrogen compounds in the water, including nitrites and nitrates. Eliminates the toxicity of the Nitrogen Cycle that otherwise can kill fish in the first weeks of aquarium keeping, or when proper water conditions are disrupted, causing the Cycle to recur.

• NovAqua Plus is now more complete and effective than ever before. NovAqua Plus has been reformulated to include Echinacea for enhancement of the immune system, vitamins and Anti-virus Protection. Proven to be very effective in all types of water, NovAqua Plus removes copper, lead and other heavy metals. In addition, NovAqua Plus acts as a stress reducer by supplying the needed electrolytes and an artificial skin coating to help prevent shock and stress during water changes or handling.