T5 LED Aquarium Lamp - TROPICAL PRO


Kordon is now your source for premium quality aquarium lights.  This new series of T5 LED aquarium lamps is intended to directly retrofit and replace standard fluorescent T5 HO bulbs.


These T5 LED lamps offer:

• TWICE the light

• 1/3 the power consumption.

• Each light features double the LUX

• Each light offers double the PAR


All 4 lamp types offer a ripple effect. 


Rotating end caps help insure a perfect vertical alignment. Updating your current home aquarium just became easy and efficient!


TROPICAL PRO (ideal for aquascaping, gives warm tropical color, deep penetrating lamp for plant growth, accentuates reds and blues.)

NOTE: For use in fixtures that are designed for T5 HO (high output) fluorescent tubes. High output has been the industry standard since approximately 2006. It is believed that all fixtures made for aquariums are designed for T5 HO lamps, and will be suitable for these T5 LED lamps. Check the wattage chart below - which will determine what a type of fixture you have.

In the aquarium industry, the standard for T5 fluorescent lighting is High Output (HO).  Although non-HO is available within the household goods trade for other uses, these non-HO fixtures, tubes or lamps aren't normally used for aquariums because of safety and durability issues.


The wattage equivalents shown on the T5-LED packages will only match up for T5 HO lamps. If a non-HO fixture is used, the lamp will not light, because there will not be enough power, but the T5-LED lamp will not be damaged.

T5 LED -   8W = 24W T5 fluorescent (2-foot fixtures)
T5 LED - 12W = 39W T5 fluorescent (3-foot fixtures)
T5 LED - 18W = 54W T5 fluorescent (4-foot fixtures)


Available  in the following sizes:

Item No. 01232 - 22" long (550mm, 8W)

Item No. 01236 - 34" long (850mm, 12W)

Item No. 01240 - 46" long (1150mm, 18W)


Lamps retrofit into industry standard size light fixtures.


Each lamp carries a 2 year guarantee.


These T-5 bulbs are available through Kordon.


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