pH Stabilizers 7.0, 7.5 and 8.2


  • Offer a solution for fresh, brackish or marine fish
  • Maintain correct pH levels for up to 60 days                                   
  • Works with Kordon's pH Increase and 
    pH Decrease for immediate and long lasting result
  • Made in the U.S.A.   

Choose between three different stabilizers to create the perfect pH for your aquarium

Trying to get your tank to stay at the correct pH level for your fish?  

Now there’s a solution...


Kordon pH Stabilizers are easy to use and hold water at the desired level for up to 60 days. Kordon pH 7.0,Kordon pH 7.5 and Kordon pH 8.2 are formulated to be used following pH adjustments using Kordon's pH Increase or pH Decrease. Using the new Kordon pH product line gives aquarists the best products possible to manage their aquarium's pH levels quickly and accurately. 

Depending on biological conditions, Kordon's pH Stabilizers will adjust and maintain aquarium water at the indicated levels for up to 60 days .

Each pH Stabilizer has been formulated to act as follows:

Kordon pH 7.0 - Freshwater - for Goldfish, Koi and Community Fish

Kordon pH 7.5 - Brackish water - for Scats, Puffers, Monos, Mollies and Cichlids

Kordon pH 8.2 - Saltwater - for all Saltwater Fish and African Rift Lake Cichlids

Determine if your fish requires a very specific pH and test your water frequently to  be certain that the proper level is maintained. If the fish you think you want to keep is very sensitive and requires a specific pH to be carefully maintained, there are other alternative choices that can accept a wider pH range making them good community tank choices.

Rapid, large changes in either acidity or alkalinity of the water pH can be very harmful or fatal to the fish. changes in pH readings of .2 or greater within a 24 hours period will induce physical stress.  all changes need tone made slowly over a period of time. 

Item No. 35334  pH STABILIZER 7.0 - 4 fl.oz. (118mL) - treats up to 50 gallons

Item No. 35344  pH STABILIZER 7.5 - 4 fl.oz. (118mL) - treats up to 50 gallons

Item No. 35354  pH STABILIZER 8.2 - 4 fl.oz. (118mL) - treats up to 50 gallons