Magic Mats™

Plastic safety mats to go over wire cage floors.


Now you can prevent injuries to small animal's feet and legs by installing OASIS MAGIC MAT floor mats in your pet's cage.

One of the leading causes of injury to guinea pigs and small, dwarf rabbits is broken legs and dislocated joints. These injuries are caused when the small feet and legs of these animals are trapped in the wire floors of cages designed for standard size rabbits. Now you can prevent injuries such as these by installing OASIS MAGIC MAT floor mats in your pet's cage.

Excellent for guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, baby rabbits, sick pets or pets with sore feet or hocks caused by wire floors. Magic Mats interlock together to hold them in place... choose any combination of mat positions that suits your cage and your pet. Be sure to place mats near sleeping areas, food dishes and water bottles... any area of the cage your pet will frequently use. 

Each mat measures 4" x 8"... package of three mats covers a total of 96 square inches. You can cover the entire cage floor if necessary. May be used to add insulation feature and traction to slippery or cold glass floors (aquarium-type habitats.)

Save on bedding costs, too.  Bedding over Magic Mats is not always needed... but it can offer  absorption of liquids and a snuggle factor. You can use less bedding during each cage cleaning and use  considerably less bedding over a period of time.  For added protection and comfort for your pet, just add a thin layer of bedding (i.e. appropriate pine shavings, paper nugget type bedding or hay ) over the Magic Carpet mats.

Item No. 82201 - three green 4" x 8" plastic mats

Benefits & Purposes

The Magic Mat gives consistent, comfortable footing for your pet. Older pets that may have trouble walking will find better traction on Magic Matmats with minimal bedding (too much bedding bunches up under stiff legs and feet.) For pets kept in aquarium habitats or in metal solid bottom cages, such as those designed specifically for guinea pigs, Magic Mat floor mats add a layer of insulation...keeping feet up off the cold floor in chilly, winter weather. Especially effective with heavily pregnant guinea pigs when it is too difficult for the animal to move - prevents her heavy body from hollowing out a nest on the metal floor of her cage as bedding is shifted to either side.

Magic Mat is made from a special plastic that is chew resistant. Some pets (especially rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils) may be attracted to the texture of the Magic Mat floor mats, and want to chew the edges. The easiest way to discourage this normal tendancy is to cover the mats with pine shavings or hay or straw. The bedding will hide the mat from your pet's curious (but normal) experimental chewing.

If you choose to use the Magic Mat without bedding, you may need to coat the edges of the floor mat with a product known as Grannick's "Bitter Apple ® " or a liquid hot-pepper sauce. Just a single taste of these treatments should discourage your pet from chewing the Magic Mat. Do not be alarmed if your pet ingests a piece of Magic Mat...the plastic material is inert and has not been found to affect animals.