VITA E-Z-MIST™ PURE C Spray for Guinea Pigs


VITA E-Z-MIST™ Spray On Pure Vitamin C for Guinea pigs (Cavies).


Now you have an alternative method for adding the Vitamin C needed daily to your guinea pig’s diet.


• Excellent for use on fresh fruits and vegetables

• Works great when applied to dry pelleted feed ration

• Perfect for use on dry hay too

• Suitable for guinea pigs of all ages


ECONOMICAL TO USE: VITA E-Z- MIST PURE C  should be used every day. Just spray the food items.


YOU CAN USE LESS: No more need mix the amount to fill each water bottle – only to to empty the un-used water supply daily and refill with a fresh mixture.


Perfect for use when a water soluble supplement is not feasible… such as when in-line or gravity fed automatic watering systems have been installed. VITA E-Z-MIST offers the chance to apply wholesome, high quality stabilized Vitamin C directly onto the guinea pig’s food items – just about guaranteeing that the supplement will be consumed.


VITA E-Z- MIST is a 2 ounce pump spray bottle based on the very popular industry leading formulas used in Oasis Vita Drops™.  Each 2-ounce pump-spray bottle yields 250 individual doses. Instructions on how to administer may vary  according to species and formula.


IMPORTANT REMINDER: Guinea pigs – like humans – must ingest Vitamin C every day to prevent the disease known as scurvy. Scurvy is painful, debilitating and often fatal. By using a good fresh pelleted diet formulated for guinea pigs (not rabbit pellets), fresh foods and a spray-a-day of VITA E-Z-MIST PURE C… you are offering your guinea pig the proper diet or god health.


VITA E-Z-MIST™ PURE C for GUINEA PIGS – Item No. 81254 – 2 ounce spray bottle