Vita Drops® for Hummingbirds

Wild Bird Nutritional Supplement

  • Hummingbirds require more than simple sugar water to thrive and reproduce
  • Vitamins are essential for normal growth
  • Helps maintain brilliant color & feathering
  • Reliable and consistent daily vitamin intake
  • Assures that new nestlings are well nourished
  • Helps revitalize incoming migrants
  • Easy to dispense dropper cap
  • Dose rate = 2 drops per 8-ounces nectar mix


OASIS VITA-DROPS for HUMMINGBIRDS brings proven nutrition to backyard nectar feeders. Natural nectar is not simply sugar-water.  Hummingbirds need much more than plain sugar water at the feeders we provide. To thrive and reproduce, hummingbirds need to consume a large amount of varied items. They can ingest an amazing amount of very tiny insects daily, and are also able to gain nutritional elements from pollen.

Item No. 80258 VITA-DROPS for  HUMMINGBIRDS with dropper cap