Natural Extract - Herbal Liquid Hyper-T Formula for Cats

Natural herbal extract helps correct high thyroid levels in cats

For cats that have abnormally

HIGH thyroid levels


Natural herbal extract helps correct high thyroid levels in cats


• Herbal extract promotes proper

   thyroid function naturally

• For use on cats of all types and ages

• Convenient eyedropper-cap bottle

• Ancient herbal knowledge can help cats

• Safe glycerin formula



For cats with overactive thyroid - which may affect growth, metabolism, immune function and heart function. Symptoms may include weight loss, decreased appetite, increased thirst, irritability and poor hair coat.



For cats and other animals up to 40 pounds, give 3 drops twice daily. For animals over 40 pounds, give 6 drops twice daily. Drops may be mixed into pet’s food or drinking water, or dispensed directly into the cheek area. Administer on a cycle of three weeks of daily dosing followed by one week off.



Valerian, Skullcap, German Chamomile, California Poppy, Chinese Fossilized Bone, Chinese Oyster Shell and St. Johns Wort. Also contains: water, glycerin, vinegar  and less than .5% EtOH.


This product is not a medication and is not intended to replace medications or instructions issued by a certified veterinarian.


Keep tightly capped.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Avoid contamination


Not intended for human use or consumption… however contact with human skin during application is safe.


ITEM NO. 86101 Hyper-T for Cats - 1 oz (30 mL) dropper bottle

 ITEM NO. 86102 Hyper-T for Cats - 2 oz (60 mL) dropper bottle