E•Z•Top™ Bottle for Rabbits and Ferrets

TOP FILLING Water Bottles stay on the cage during refill!

  • The First Oasis Water Bottle to offer Top-Filling Ease with Traditional Ball-Point Drinking Tip!
  • Bottle Stays on the Cage During Filling
  • Easy Lift-Off, Press-On Cap
  • Wide Top Opening for Easy Cleaning
  • Seal tight with rubber "O"-ring gasket
  • Patented Mounting Bracket Screws on for Ultra Secure Fit
  • Available  17 ounce size
  • Top rack dishwasher Safe
  • Mint Green or Ivory white


All E-Z-Top™ bottles come packaged with two sturdy clip-on style brackets. The Hanger Bracket uses a simple hook arrangement that fits over the cross wires on most cages. The Threaded Bracket uses a large threaded knob that screws onto the bracket, providing a very secure mount. The bottle easily clips on and off of both brackets without removing the brackets, themselves. Choose the bracket that best suits your situation, or use both brackets at the same time. The  E-Z-Top with the threaded bracket is ideal for travel kennel doors.

 The OASIS E·Z·TOP Water Bottle features a unique water chamber design with a standard ball-point drinking tip. The precision stainless steel ball creates a perfect seal with the built-in drinking tip rubber o-ring, while the special water chamber behind the tip maintains a balanced vacuum.

Recommended for rabbits, ferrets, small dogs & puppies, and exotic pets. Drinking tip is  to large for most guinea pigs, chinchillas and pets of that size

 Now you can fill a ball-point bottle from the top... saving time and effort.  Easy of children to maintain - no heavy full water bottles to carry to the cage.
Available in kit green and ivory white. 

Item No. 80429 E-Z-TOP™ WATER BOTTLE - 17oz capacity