Dura-Pearl™ Bottles

Translucent Pearlized Water Bottles add style to your pet's home

Traditional, original water bottle design in today's colors!.
  • Stainless Steel double ball-point tip
  • Stainless Steel drinking tube
  • Vacuum-Valve  holds water best
  • Easy to use for color-coding
  • Several handy sizes

Oasis Dura-Pearl Water Bottles feature translucent, pearlized colors that look great and let you see the water level at a glance. Dura-Pearl bottles are dependable and sturdy - great for indoor/outdoor use. Ball Point drinking tip is made of premium stainless steel. 

8 ounce size is suitable for all hamster-sized pocket pets

16 ounce size is correct for guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets and chinchillas.

These water bottles are visually pleasing and offer a tailored uncluttered appearance. If you are looking for more of a designer look in upscale cage accessories this is the bottle for you. when used with habitat type pet homes you can create fun color combinations. Now you can mix or match the bottle to the color of and small animal cage or plastic home. 

Each Dura Pearl bottle comes with a durable plastic cap with that features two heavy stainless steel balls inside the a stainless steel drinking tube's ball-point tip.

Easy to mount on wire cages with the wire bail. For mounting in aquarium type habitats, use an Oasis Basis Hold-Guard.

Item No. 80450 DURA-PEARL™ Water Bottle - 4 ounce capacity

Item No. 80550 DURA-PEARL™ Water Bottle - 8 ounce capacity

Item No. 80650 DURA-PEARL™ Water Bottle - 16 ounce capacity