4oz Bird Water Bottle

Green tinted bottle helps preserve water's freshness and purity


  • Rigid construction
  • Features Cherry-Red™ drinking tip
  • Double-Ball vacuum valve helps control leaks
  • Tinted Safety Green to prevent UV damage to bottle contents
  • Great for transport carriers
  • Use several for multi-bird cages
  • 5 Year Guarantee

One of Oasis's most popular items is the Bird Bottle. The 4-ounce size makes it suitable for most cage birds when kept 1-to-a-cage (see 8 ounce size for multiple birds.) Bird Bottles are rigid (formed using breakage-resistant rigid styrene plastic), and hold water well. Complete with color coordinating caps, stainless steel drinking tub containing two stainless steel balls, and mounting bracket.

The OASIS Bird Bottles have a specially designed "Triple Ball Point" tip with a built in reservoir featuring a red nylon ball to attract birds. There are two stainless steel balls above the red ball to add weight and seal against dripping. The drinking tube-style Oasis Bird Bottles offer a sanitary clean water supply that is not contaminated by seed, seed hulls or droppings.

The green bottle color helps protects water supply from damage by sunlight, preserving vitamin and/or medication potency and inhibiting bacterial growth. The floating white ball indicates water level at a glance.

Packaging includes both a wire "U" shaped mounting bail and a coil spring mounting bail. The owner can use whichever bail is most appropriate for their situation, or double up and use both for active birds that tend to grab the drinking tube and play with their water bottle.

Outdoor bottle installations should be placed out of direct sunlight to both preserve the plastic bottle by minimizing UV ray exposure, and to prevent water from becoming warm and unpalatable to birds. The floating plastic ball indicates water level at a glance.

SUITABLE FOR: Parakeets, Budgies, Canaries, Finches, Cockatiels, Love Birds

Item No. 81010 - Bird bottle - 4 ounce