VITA E-Z-MIST™ Multivitamin Spray for SMALL BIRDS


VITA E-Z-MIST™ Spray On Multivitamins for Small Birds.


Now you have an alternative method for adding vitamins to your small bird’s diet.


• Excellent for use on fresh fruits and vegetables

• Works great when applied to dry pelleted or seed diets.

• Perfect for use on dry formed treats, too!

• Suitable for parakeets (budgies), canaries, finches

   lovebirds, cockatiels, conures and similar birds,


ECONOMICAL TO USE: VITA E-Z- MIST may be used on specific days instead of as a constant 24/7 supplement to drinking water. 


YOU CAN USE LESS: No more need to empty water supply daily and refill with a fresh mixture.


Perfect for use when a water soluble supplement is not feasible. Depending on the individual bird(s) and how much moisture they are getting from the fresh food portion of their diet… birds drink varying amounts of water. For example – parakeets drink about twice as much as canaries and finches. As a result – especially if the bird has access to moist fresh foods - some birds simply do not consume very much water.  If they are not drinking a sufficient amount – then they might be receiving a reduced amount of additives put into their water supply. VITA E-Z-MIST offers the chance to apply wholesome, high quality multivitamins directly onto the bird’s food items – just about guaranteeing that the supplement will be consumed.


VITA E-Z- MIST is a 2 ounce pump spray bottle based on the very popular industry leading formulas used in Oasis Vita Drops™.  Each 2-ounce pump-spray bottle yields 250 individual doses. Instructions on how to administer may vary  according to species and formula.


VITA E-Z-MIST™ for SMALL BIRDS – Item No. 81257 – 2 ounce spray bottle