Vita Drops® for Guinea Pigs

High-dose Vitamin C formula Multivitamin supplement for guinea pigs of all ages

  • Premium Quality High Potency Multivitamins
  • Focus-Formula™ for Guinea Pigs (Cavies)
  • Provides the Vitamin C Guinea pigs need every day
  • Insures balanced nutritional daily intake
  • For all Breeds and Ages
  • Made in U.S.A.



OASIS VITA-DROPS for GUINEA PIGS are a convenient way to assure your guinea pigs (also known as cavies) are receiving their daily intake of vitamins essential for normal growth, development, good coat condition and overall health. OASIS VITA-DROPS for GUINEA PIGS are a multi-purpose and balanced supplement formulated especially for guinea pigs (cavies) and contain all known essential vitamins as listed in the latest recommendations of the Committee on Animal Nutrition of the National Research Council. 

OASIS VITA-DROPS for GUINEA PIGS is the only formula to provide the full amount of vitamin C guinea pigs (cavies) need daily. Like humans guinea pigs cannot make the vitamin C required to prevent illness - specifically scurvy. The vitamin C humans and guinea pigs need must be consumed daily as part of our regular diets. Vitamin C is an easily oxidized vitamin that will be destroyed by direct sunlight or mere passage of time - 60 days is about the limit unless the vitamin C has been stabilized. Oasis uses only high-grade stabilized vitamin C in our Vita-Drop Focus-Formulas.

An adult guinea pig will drink about 4 ounces of water per day - a bit more during warm weather and a bit less during cold winter months. At that rate Oasis Vita-Drops provide 10mg of vitamin C daily. This is the amount agreed upon by guinea pig experts and breeders. Younger smaller animals will consume less water - but also require less vitamin C. The vitamin C requirements self-adjust as the guinea pig grows and consumes more water.


Item No. 80061 - 2 fl. oz. VITA-DROPS for  GUINEA PIGS with dropper cap

Item No. 80069 - 16 fl. oz. VITA-DROPS for  GUINEA PIGS - ideal for breeders or shops 

Directions for Use

OASIS VITA-DROPS for GUINEA PIGS can be added to the food or the drinking water, whichever is more appropriate an accepted by the rabbit. The preferred method of using OASIS VITA-DROPS for GUINEA PIGS is to add the concentrated liquid supplement to the guinea pig's daily drinking water (whenever possible, use a sanitary water bottle instead of an open water dish, which can be easily contaminated with debris). Guinea pigs readily drink this mixture, but if desired the vitamins may be applied directly to their food.

For drinking water:

2 drops per ounce of drinking water:
Shake or stir to mix. To insure freshness, change the water at least every 1 to 2 days.

For Food: Randomly scatter 2 or 3 drops of vita-drops directly onto the surface of the food every 1 to 3 days. Check to be sure that the vitamized food has been consumed within 24 hours. If the ferret refuses to eat the fortified diet, feed the usual plain diet for 3 days and try again. Guinea pigs can be creatures of habit, and may not accept the new vitaminized feed immediately. It is very important that the guinea pig not go without food by simply refusing the fortified feed.

Excess dosages should cause no ill effect. Store Oasis Vita-Drops in a cool dry place...may be refrigerated.